Our products

Nuts and seeds are our starting point! Powerhouses of energy and flavour, we use them to make sumptuous artisanal nut butters with hints of spice and sweet.

Then come the baked treats. Crisp and chewy cookies made with made with seeds, in flavours that are classic and new. moist, crumbly cakes cakes made with almond flour bringing together juicy fruit, chocolate and all manner of good things.

All of our products are VEGETARIAN, GLUTEN-FREE, and DAIRY FREE.

Our cookies and nut butters are VEGAN.

Nut butters

sweet almond and rose


hazelnut and carob

hazelnut and chocolate better-(nut)ella! ;)

sesame and date


sweet almond and coconut



chocolate chip

chocolate cranberry muffin

carrot cake

banana bread

rose + date muffin

Seed + spice flapjack


cranberry + coconut cookie

mixed fruit + spice cookie

chocolate + hazelnut cookie

peanut cookie

CHocolate chip cookie